Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Haute Couture card

The Stampin Up stamp set Haute Couture was always a favorite of mine but I rarely use it. Yesterday I put together the following card:

I colored the dress and the brim of the hat with copic markers (R81).  I went darker on the edges and bottom of the dress to give a more dimensional look.   The card was for me friend and she really love it.

Let me know if you have questions, Delia

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sofia's Birthday Cake - Ga Ga Gourmet

It's been a while since I blogged.  I haven't done many scrapbook pages but I have made a number of cards.  When I can find the time, I will have to upload the images.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Sofia's 7th Birthday.  This year Sofia asked for a shopkins cake.  I asked her to pick out her favorite shopkin, she chose baby, Ga Ga Gourmet.  She also decided on Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate.  So this cake had two vanilla layers, two red velvet layers and the top was chocolate.  I fulfilled all her wishes.

Here is the cake.

 This cake was so cute and not very difficult to make.  She loved it and all enjoyed.  A big thanks to our friends who came out to join us in celebrating.

Hugs Dee

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lynsay Sands New Book Immortal who Loved Me

I have been waiting patiently for the new vampire book by Lynsay Sands.  This is book 21!  Yes, I have read them all.  The wait is almost over, her new book: "The Immortal Who Loved Me" comes out tomorrow.  Yes, I am going to get my hands on a copy.  There are a few authors that have me running out on my lunch to either download or buy a book and Lynsay Sands is one of them.

Lynsay has a new website and she is hosting a scavenger hunt until March 1st. Go on over and enter if you love Atlantis vampires and romance.  Here is the link:

To enter the contest, I had to take a self with one of her books. I pulled up my IPAD and I had an ebook of book #19 "One Lucky Vampire"

If you love romance start at the beginning with book #1 "A Quick Bite" so you learn about the Argeneau family.  


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Making of the Cinderella Carriage

The making of the Cinderella Carriage was just a crazy idea I had to entertain the kids because we all knew that a snow storm was headed our way.  I decided to make something that could be used at Sofia's upcoming Princess party and I thought, wow it would be so nice to have a carriage for all the little princesses.  

We did a family trip to JoAnns with a coupon of course and I bought a sturdy piece of fabric, acrylic paints, fabric medium and brushes.  We came home and I found a picture online that I wanted to try and make.  I drew out the carriage in pencil.  Not an easy thing to do, there was more eraser on the cloth than pencil. 

The snow day was as expected, schools were closed and I don't drive in snow, so I was home. This became a family affair, everyone in the house came over and painted at one point or another.  Sofia was my right hand, she wanted to do it all.  She loved every minute of it.  See the photos below:

 In the end, I cut out the center, put up a blue silky cloth and used the carriage for photos. Sofia here decided to be a royal princess and wave to the crowd.  All the girls were photographed and a copy of their photo went into their thank you cards.

Thanks for visiting.  Delia

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

52 Week Money Challenge

Today I started the 52 week money challenge.  We are on the second weeek.  If I keep to the schedule I will have $1,378 dollars at the end of the year for Christmas or paying bills.  There is a website and facebook page to help you keep on track.  I didn't register for the website but I did "like" the facebook page so that I have a reminder each week.  Here is the image I have on my refrigerator. I think this is a fun way to keep the kids involved and teach them about saving.

I could have typed up my own but there are so many if you do a google search.  I liked the look of this one, it was copied from "A Helicopter Mom's" blog.  

Note: For some of us, it might be easier to start at the end ($52) and work your way forward.  


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Karate Cake

I helped my friend Virginia make this Karate Cake for a function.  The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream, Virginia did all the work, I was just there for advise, support and touch ups.  She did a great job and I can't wait to see what she makes next.  I made the patches, one for the front of the gi the other was the patch that is on the back.  I found that to be the most difficult part since I can't draw and that dragon patch was very detailed.  

Not a bad match, right?  I used edible markers and then colored in using gels mixed with alcohol. 

Thanks for looking. Have a great day.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lauren's Instagram Birthday Cake

My friend Michelle asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday.  While talking to her I asked what her favorite color (blue) was and tried to get ideas for what kind of cake she wanted.  While looking at all kinds of girly cakes she saw an instagram cake and said that was soooo cool.  So there sprung the idea. When we looked online at other cakes she pointed out a cute emoji.  I said "what's an emoji?" Yeah I am so up on today's lingo lol. I realized she meant the smiley hence this bright idea was born, she had no idea what I planned so it was a surprise for her.  I made 10 inch vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Covered it with fondant and made cake balls.  The cake balls were perfectly round but I had trouble with getting the coating smooth on each ball (hated this) and if you must know, cake balls are just too darn sweet with melted coating (yuck).  Anyway I had fun decorating each and making little faces on each emoji.   My kids helped with the faces, lots of fun for all.  The emojis took up most of my time, next time they will be flat disks on the side of the cake.  I wrote all over the cake and each written word had a # or an @.  This was just a fun cake to make. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Enjoy and have a great week.