Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Making of the Cinderella Carriage

The making of the Cinderella Carriage was just a crazy idea I had to entertain the kids because we all knew that a snow storm was headed our way.  I decided to make something that could be used at Sofia's upcoming Princess party and I thought, wow it would be so nice to have a carriage for all the little princesses.  

We did a family trip to JoAnns with a coupon of course and I bought a sturdy piece of fabric, acrylic paints, fabric medium and brushes.  We came home and I found a picture online that I wanted to try and make.  I drew out the carriage in pencil.  Not an easy thing to do, there was more eraser on the cloth than pencil. 

The snow day was as expected, schools were closed and I don't drive in snow, so I was home. This became a family affair, everyone in the house came over and painted at one point or another.  Sofia was my right hand, she wanted to do it all.  She loved every minute of it.  See the photos below:

 In the end, I cut out the center, put up a blue silky cloth and used the carriage for photos. Sofia here decided to be a royal princess and wave to the crowd.  All the girls were photographed and a copy of their photo went into their thank you cards.

Thanks for visiting.  Delia

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