Tuesday, January 6, 2015

52 Week Money Challenge

Today I started the 52 week money challenge.  We are on the second weeek.  If I keep to the schedule I will have $1,378 dollars at the end of the year for Christmas or paying bills.  There is a website and facebook page to help you keep on track.  I didn't register for the website but I did "like" the facebook page so that I have a reminder each week.  Here is the image I have on my refrigerator. I think this is a fun way to keep the kids involved and teach them about saving.

I could have typed up my own but there are so many if you do a google search.  I liked the look of this one, it was copied from "A Helicopter Mom's" blog.  

Note: For some of us, it might be easier to start at the end ($52) and work your way forward.  


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