Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lauren's Instagram Birthday Cake

My friend Michelle asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday.  While talking to her I asked what her favorite color (blue) was and tried to get ideas for what kind of cake she wanted.  While looking at all kinds of girly cakes she saw an instagram cake and said that was soooo cool.  So there sprung the idea. When we looked online at other cakes she pointed out a cute emoji.  I said "what's an emoji?" Yeah I am so up on today's lingo lol. I realized she meant the smiley hence this bright idea was born, she had no idea what I planned so it was a surprise for her.  I made 10 inch vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Covered it with fondant and made cake balls.  The cake balls were perfectly round but I had trouble with getting the coating smooth on each ball (hated this) and if you must know, cake balls are just too darn sweet with melted coating (yuck).  Anyway I had fun decorating each and making little faces on each emoji.   My kids helped with the faces, lots of fun for all.  The emojis took up most of my time, next time they will be flat disks on the side of the cake.  I wrote all over the cake and each written word had a # or an @.  This was just a fun cake to make. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Enjoy and have a great week.