Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Logan

Logan turned 11 this St Patrick's Day and my husband really wanted to have a party for Logan.  He hired the video game guy on wheels and proceeded to help Logan invite his friends. This video truck allows 16 kids to play video games, the kids were besides themselves with happiness. My job was to do the rest, decorations, cake goodie bags, etc. Logan decided he wanted a video game themed party and Minecraft won out over the other video games by a hair.

So the planning started, my neighbor Michelle had tons of ideas to make the party special. She brought over her popcorn machine, helped label bottles, picked up the twizzlers....the woman was amazing! Thanks Michelle! Anyway, my focus was the cake. I had to make a TNT cake from Minecaft. I baked 9.5 inch square cake layers and piled them up. Here is the cake:

I thought the a bunch of sparklers would be cool on top of the cake, so it would appear like a lit fuse, but on the test run the night before I realized the the sparklers smoked too much and was really irritating. So as a compromise we lit only two.
All the kids thought the windows were so cool, we cut out white electric tape and the windows resembled Minecraft glass. For this I need to thank my niece Denise, my calf injury had me going at a snails pace and she took over and taped the window for me. Denise was also a huge help with the cake, she cut out out all the letters and the squares for the top. I had just about had it, when the white band around the cake came out uneven I didn't care, my leg was three times the size it should be and I was exhausted.

All the kids loved it all, when it came time to slice the cake, I cut the slice all the way through and planned to cut the slice in half but all the kids protested (rather loudly) that they wanted a whole slice. Needless to say, no one finished their slice lol. Everyone had a great time and logan was the happiest 11 year old boy along with his little sister. 
Love you guys!!

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