Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Sofia

This past Tuesday was Sofia's Birthday and since she isn't have a party, I wanted to give her whatever cake she wanted.  So I asked her what she wanted for a birthday cake and she stated, a vanilla cake with Barbie.  A Barbie cake and it needed to come together overnight.  So Sofia went upstairs and got her favorite Barbie (thanks Virgina) and Sofia and I started baking a cake.  She had a blast pouring the ingredients into the bowl.  When we added the flour and milk some of the flour and milk in her words "poofed" back at us.  I turned to her and asked why did it "poof" and she said because we gave it too much love.  There you have it, the cake we were making had a lot of love and it was going to be delicious.  She had a blast, laughing and screaming every time any liquid or flour came out of the bowl. Daddy had to stop what he was doing to check out what was happening in the kitchen with all the laughter and screaming.  We winded up over mixing the batter but I didn't care, we had a great time together and she was so proud to have made "her birthday cake". 

Once the cake was baked I realized I needed another two layers but it was too late to get started.  I took the kids to bed, I got up at midnight to take all the ingredients out for a second cake and at 4AM I came down and made the last two layers.  By the time I had to go to work, the cake was cool enough for me to layer, shape and crumb coat it.  Here is where I started taking pictures. (Sorry Sofia, I should have taken photos of you baking with me).

Yes, I gave Barbie a plastic shower cap so her hair would not get frosting in it.  This is one of Sofia's favorite Barbie's you know  LOL.  When I came home from work, I rechecked with Sofia on the colors to make sure she hadn't changed her mind from the night before and she said she wanted a pink, white and yellow frosting. I made the frosting and Sofia watched over me as I frosted the cake.  Thanks to this great tutorial on decorating a Barbie cake, I made a cake that was nice to look at and  wasn't embarrassing to put in from of neighbors.  If you are interested you should really check out Liz's Barbie cake on you tube, it's beautiful. 

Since it was my first time decorating a cake this way, I was a little nervous but I knew my daughter would have loved it no matter what.  How do I know?  She thought the cake was done with the crumb coating above and told me I did a beautiful job.  She is too precious!  Well the cake came out better than I could have hoped.  One of these days I have to take a cake decorating class to get all the piping even but then again I might be a tad bit to impatient for it.

Here is a picture of the "happy" birthday girl!!  I forgot to mention earlier that Sofia was so excited for her birthday, she told me she was so happy and proceeded to screaming, jump up and down, clap her hands and laugh all at the same time because it was her birthday.  She was SOOO excited and had us all smiling and laughing with her.
 I am so happy our neighbors could come over and help celebrate Sofia's birthday on Tuesday night.  She was thrilled to have both Isabella and Lauren over and everyone had a great time. 
I love you Sofia, I hope one day you can read this post and remember what a great time we had celebrating your 4th birthday.  Happy Birthday baby!!  Love you with all my heart, Mom