Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello with a Fairy Card

I haven't posted in a while but I have created pages and cards and other items that I have given to my friends and family.  My problem is that I just haven't been photographing what I have been making.  I know, kind of bad if you are to keep up with a blog. 

I borrowed this stamp from my friend Virginia because I just loved it.  But to color it was another story...I messed up a few images so bad that they couldn't be salvaged. Anyway with my copic markers I was able to make one that I loved.  I was so happy with the coloring except for a few places that I went over the lines.  No problem, that is what fairy dust is for!  Anyway here is my card:

In case I get busy and don't post again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Card

It's been a busy summer and although I have scrapped and made a few cards, I have been really bad at getting the camera out.  So here is a card that I made a while ago and found on my camera.    
This is a Paper Pretties fairy image and I colored her with Copic Markers.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a great week. 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

What better way to celebrate the fourth than share a scrapbook page with my friends. I completed this page for a pagemaps challenge. I followed a sketch illustrated by Becky Fleck. I find the pagemaps blog is an excellent place to get inspiration when scrapbooking block acts up.

I took this picture of my layout in the evening so it's darker than I would like.  For this page, I used glitter ribbon, cardstock, smooch spray, patterened paper and a Paper pretties sentiment, Dreams.  The kite shape was printed on my computer and then I used that as a template to make the kites you see.  The sun and clouds are SU stamp sets.  I found the grapes and the smoke from circus train are perfect as clouds once they are embossed.  Whatever works, right!   

I hope you enjoy the page.  Have a great day!!!   Delia

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NSD challenges

I finally complete the last three NSD challenges.  The first challenge I completed was the rounding the corners challenge.  So here is my birthday card with some rounded corners. 

I like how it came out.  Cardstock is SU along with the Stamps and embossing.  The Designer paper is DCWV I believe, I need to double check.  The cute gold and silver embellishment is a button I found a while back and I also used mini buttons.

The second challenge was to make a pin. This was a first for me and I was thrilled to try. I have hundreds of pearls and crystals from making my wedding veil 13 years ago. Nice to finally put those things to good use.  I will be making more in the future.  Maybe some as pennants or tags.  This was fun and sooo easy. 

The third was a color challenge.  Here are the swatch colors.

 For this card I used Paper Pretties birthday fairy Bella and colored her using copic markers.  SU paper, DCWV and rhinestones. I love this fairy she is a doll. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you all have a great day. 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Page Map Challenge for NSD

This weekend was National Scrapbooking Day and I decided to take up a challenge.  I used this Becky Fleck sketch and made an 8x11 double layout in less than an hour.  Then I went to my son's baseball game and when I got back I looked at the layout and took the whole thing apart.  What was I thinking, I don't make 8x11 pages.  So off I went and made a 12x12.  Here is the sketch I followed:

And here is my double 12 x 12 layout:

I turned the sketch around so that Logan was facing into the page instead of out.  I had decided on an A to Z page a while ago so I had all the adjectives written out.  This page came together really easy since there wasn't too much to it.  I realize the flower is not in the page maps but I needed it because I ran out of the stripped paper...yes it covers a gap. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Once Upon a Time Ultrasound

If there is a page that almost made me throw my hands up and say I quit, it was this one.  I found this clock face and was determined to use it for Sofia's ultrasound pictures.  The problem was that I just didn't like the way it looked with my photos.  I had the photo printed several time and final decided on the design you see below.  I found an ultrasound poem and changed it to fit this page and my style.  There was no author listed or I would have given credit to the author.  After months of feeling like I didn't know how to scrapbook anymore, I have to say I am happy with this page.  

For this page I used Prima flowers, Recollection bling, Stampin Up paper and ink.  The title came from the Cricut cartridge Storybook, the flourish is a Sizzix which I cut out on my cuttlebug.

As always, thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions, feel free to write or leave me a comment below.  Hugs to all.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Last Cub Scout Bake off

Logan and I have participated in the Cub Scout bake off for the last three years. We have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and trying to make the images in Logan's mind come to life on a cake. This year the Scout Committee decided to change it up a bit. The rules were meant to curtail some of us, but when it comes to baking with Logan, there is no curtailing us. The rules were simple, we had to use cupcakes and everything on the cake had to be edible. No real toys and since we weren't sure if we could use toothpicks to up cupcakes... we did without.

Since it's our last year, Logan wanted to do some kind of tribute to the scouts, at first he wanted to do all of the scouting events that he did throughout the year. Thunderbird games, parade, camping, Maritime aquamarine, pine wood derby and such. I thought this was too big and there was no way we would be able to do all that so I asked him to narrow it down. He choose camping.

We started out with a little camp site and it grew to a lake, animals and log cabins before we knew it our drawing had about 75 cupcakes. It ended up being approximately 85 cupcakes.  Below you will find some pictures of our journey.

First we start with a design which Logan and I came up with at Chili's on our date.  We used crayons and drew on one of their kid menus.  So much fun planning and seeing how excited he gets over different ideas.

The night before the event, Logan was in the kitchen making cupcakes.  I mixed the batters and he poured and placed the cupcakes in the oven. While the cupcakes were baking Logan and I started making the animals out of fondant and caramel candies and any candy that was easy to mold. Some were difficult for us, we never got the bear done or the wolf but we were able to get a few small animal together. OK we were horrible at paws, most of the animals didn't have legs but since they were buried in the icing we didn't care too much.
Animals and new idea to hold up the sugar cone trees
Logan was so proud of his skunk, and the beavers.  We aren't artists but we can follow directions.  In order to make some of these animals, we followed the directions for the molding clay packages.  When they lay it out for you, it's pretty easy to get something resembling an animal.  Hard to see but there is a squirrel and one chipmunk in there too.  Yellow duck didn't make the cut, it got eaten by Sofia.  LOL.
Tired looking little boy at 7AM
Logan's on the left and mine on the right
On Friday morning, both Logan and I got up early before school and started putting the cabins together.  We skipped on the doors and window so it was easy to put together with chocolate to hold up the structure.  By the time Logan went to school we had all the figures done, and part of the cake assembled. 

That was one bowl of icing many more to go!

Cutting the sugar cone trees and the board to fit in refrigerator
While Logan was in school I piped all the grass and the trees and realized that I needed to cut the board in half so it could fit in my refrigerator. I made all the colors of icing that we would need and and all the crumbs so when Logan came home we just had to finish up the campsite making tents, placing the animals whenever they looked good and add the finishing touches.  Logan thought this looked like the upstate Boy Scout reservation in upstate New York.  The area is called Durland, therefore I took a graham cracker added red chocolate and wrote the name and added that to the front. I thought it added a nice touch.  So we called our cupcake/cake design Durland.

Finished cupcakes design at GW

Top View of the Cake

A very happy little boy who won gold for best presentation
Logan worked really hard on this project as did I. It was big, compared to the others but then again people should expect big from me after the last 4 years of entering this event.  Did some people not appreciate it and make some uncalled remarks, absolutely! I felt the new rules were met to curtail some of us crazy bakers, but the rules were followed to a tee.  All cupcakes and all edible. 

Well Logan didn't win Scouts choice, which is what he aims for but he didn't care, he was just so thrilled to win Gold for Best Presentation and me..... I might be making a Skylander cake for one of the moms at the event.  I have never baked for money, my confidence not so high but I am willing to give it a try. It should be fun!

Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed our story. 
Hugs Delia

Friday, March 16, 2012

Basketball Cards with Cricut Cartridge

It's been a while since I posted, but I really don't like to craft in the winter. My craft room is in the back of the house which is the main entrance and it is always cold. We had two day of beautiful weather and I was able to hang out and make two cards for Logan's basketball coaches. I used Sportsmania cricut cartridge. It was so much fun, I did a little stamping using Stampin up canvas background and Paper Pretties basketball stamp, pass, shoot, score. Here are the cards:

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!