Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boy Scout Bake-off

Our reign has ended....this is the third year we entered our cake in the boyscout bake off. We won 1st place and scouts choice two years in a row. But last night we didn't win and that is OK. The fun part is brainstorming with my son and trying to make what is in his little head. This year the theme was toys and he wanted a beyblade stadium and beyblades. So we made them. I didn't care too much for how the cake (stadium) came out, it budged out as I was making it but Logan was happy and that is all the counts. I really wanted to get those beyblades spinning but there has been much talk about the parents taking these cakes too far so I settled for candy beneath the beyblades to make it look like it was spinning. Here are some of the photos.

People thought the beyblades were real which was unfortunate for us. I should have put a note that he beyblades could be eaten. Many found out that they were edible after the judging. The kids loved it and once they knew the beyblades were edible, they were gone in a flash. Some with shocked expressions. It was pretty cool, except for the fact that Logan was disappointed. Our reign has ended, 2 years in a row was good enough....but watch out cake makers, Logan is looking for the title again and his mom is right here to help him out.
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Heidi said...

Hi! We saw your creation while google-ing bey blade cakes and my sons flipped out! How did you make the edible bey blades on top? I would be the coolest mom EVER if I could pull that off for an August 26th birthday party.