Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch kids and Un-do adhesive remover

I scanned the correct version of the Pumpkin Patch Kids page. I think the journalling on orange cardstock looked much better.

A little information on Un-du adhesive remover. Un-du safely removes all self-sticking stickers, tapes, labels and adhesives on contact without harming the your surface. It evaporate without leaving behind a stain and is safe on most all surfaces. I use it on photos and removing anything that I want to remove off my cards and scrapbook pages. This product is acid free and safe to use on all archival papers and card stock. It's flammable so be careful around heat sources and of course keep this away from children.

Once the liquid evaporates sticker, labels etc will remain sticky for reuse. It great for people like me who make mistakes. Enjoy!!

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Heather said...

I LOVE the corrected page! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the Un-Du info. I had never heard of it but could definitely use it!