Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pumkin Patch kids layout

I made this layout recently using some great paper my friend Heather sent me. But this page just gave me so many problems. Who would have thought that I could use a half a bottle of un-du on one scrapbook page. Here is the story....

I borrowed the cricut from my sister and really... there has to be a better way. I glued and unglued the letters several times and they still look crooked to me. I finally gave up and decided to go thicker wtih the word Kids.

Once I glued the word "kids" down I realized I needed some journaling. I printed up the journalling, glued it down and added a ribbon to try and even out the area. Yes, it's crooked...I finally gave up and said it would have to stay the way it was.

I showed the page to my sister and my friends who were over for a BBQ when I heard what I didn't want to hear. My friend Sylvia found an error in my journalling, I looked and just couldn't see it. Can you spot the mistake? Yep, I set this page in the future.

So I used up another quarter bottle of my un-du, (on my shopping list for next time) undid all the bottom section of the page...journaled on orange paper and added back the elements. The new page looks less crooked at the bottom and you will have to take my word for it since I still haven't scanned it yet and I love that I used orange to journal on, it looks brighter. So in the end, the mistake worked out in my favor.

So that is the story of this page. So what is the moral of the story, if you are working diagonally with thin paper letters, make sure you have a whole bottle of un-du. LOL. Thanks for dropping by.

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Heather said...

I think the page looks fabulous...even with date error! But I can just imagine how you felt when you saw it. It is totally something I would do! Date error or not...the kids are adorable! BTW..what is undo?