Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Mud Boys

I am thrilled to finally get a layout posted. I have made one double layout and one single layout. Of course when I finished my single layout and added all the embellishments I realized I put the wrong year in my journaling, so I will hold off on showing you that one.

Here is the double layout I completed.

I smile when I look at these pictures. I went looking all over for just the right splats, but finally decided to make them myself. The splats were taken from Microsoft Word clipart. I tood the clipart and opened it in a free program. I change the color on three and on the fourth I erased the letter, changed the color. I used clear embossing powder on the splats to make them shine. I stitched here and there to add some fun to the page. I hope you enjoy it or at least say "ewwww" LOL.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Heather said...

This layout is perfect. I smile looking at those pictures too! What a great memory! Wonderful job!