Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Family Scrapbook page

Have you noticed that many great scrapbook pages have only one or two pictures with lots of great embellishment around the picture? I have done a few pages with only one picture and I really like them. Will I continue to do this, absolutely not...I have a ton of pictures that need to get into my scrapbook but I will take those few pictures that I absolutely love and maybe scrap them alone.

I made layout at a crop night. I love going to them for the social aspect, but I really miss having my supplies at my fingertips. I don't think this page has much to it, but I love it's simplicity. It was just a page that emphasised the family.


Heather said...

Great page! I've seen so many terrific pages done with only one photo on the page but I have never tried it. This page is great. What a beautiful family picture!

Kisa Peters said...

Beautiful picture! Beautiful page too! And isn't he cute? Okay, and the baby is cute too! : ) I do see they have matching chins!

chelemom said...

I do love the look of one photo! This is such a wonderful page! I too have tons of photos and can't scrap one photo all the time....just special pics!